WiscoM Articles

written by Darlyn Thomas

The Past in the Present
April 2006


Wandering Wombats
May 2006


Civil War Horses and Mascots
June 2006


Good Ole Baseball
July 2006


August Poems
August 2006


Dogged Tenacity
September 2006


October 2006


November 2006


Ambrose Bierce
December 2006


Ziggy Stardust
January 2007


Dog Whisperer
February 2007


James Smithson
March 2007


William Wilberforce
April 2007


Completing the Journey
May 2007


Greenfield Village
June 2007


July 2007


Dueling Broadswords
August 2007


The Connected James Burke
September 2007


Over The Rhine
October 2007


Marrying Mary
November 2007


The Original Lincoln Logs
December 2007


Yankee Gas Bags
January 2008


A House No Longer Divided
February 2008


Marian Anderson
March 2008


Hooked on Harold Russell
April 2008


Win By Losing
May 2008


Tintin & Snowy Coming to a Theater Near You
June 2008


The Lincoln Cottage
July 2008


The Nifty Fifty
August 2008


So You Want to Sell on Ebay
September 2008


Boxing Day, Time Zones, Odds, and Cents
October 2008


Booth's Trail of Madness
November 2008


Hardy Stories
December 2008


Celebrate the Lincoln Bicentennial
January 2009


Naked in the Woods
February 2009


The Sixty Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
March 2009


Helen Hoover's Gift
April 2009


Old World Wisconsin
May 2009


The Big Red Racehorse
June 2009


Everyman's Feng Shui
July 2009


Opening Doors
August 2009


Johnny Appleseed
September 2009


The Language of Quilts
October 2009


November 2009


December 2009


Gertie the Great
January 2010


Groundhog Day
February 2010


Lincoln's Missing Years
March 2010


What's With The Red
April 2010


The Seinfeld 180
May 2010


Mike The Headless Chicken
June 2010


Owney the Postal Dog
July 2010


Robert Todd Lincoln
August 2010


Taken For Grant-ed
September 2010


Seventh Generation
October 2010


The Famous Bell Brothers of Haworth
November 2010


Burt Lancaster
December 2010


A Christmas Carol
January 2011


Orson Welles as Edward Rochester
February 2011


Quilt Fiction
March 2011


Non-Trivial Trivia
April 2011


The Year of Living Beautifully
May 2011


Soul Craft
June 2011