August Poems

August 2006



A Poem for Thomas Hardy


You sleep on my pillow even though you are dead

Your silent words echo in my dreaming head

A love unrequited, eternal, forever

Many lives would be empty without your pen

Thank you for filling mine with your Wessex women & men




In the Light


We must live deliberately and never be ashamed

We must show our genuine faces to all and never attempt to hide our feelings


Time teaches us but we must see the lessons in order to learn

Many never learn and are never happy, but do not understand


I have loved many for different reasons and only now see the need to tell my loved ones of their worth


Most do not understand

Maybe love is the one thing that cannot be shared in words; only in looks, smiles, and touches


The Many Years Before This Day


The only love I can invite into my life

is that from the part of your being which simmers below your conscious thoughts


If love comes from rational thought and convenience, I do not wish it


It must act independently of you; living inside of you, uninvited

You cannot identify it

You cannot control it

You cannot direct it


It grows when you aren't watching or expecting it


Then when you look upon me,

you will no longer see my features

but only my intangible qualities; my ways that are difficult to describe and impossible to name


Your gaze will see beyond my shell and into the depths of my ideas, moods, and dreams


One day you will look at me and your love will surprise and shock you

You will never be the same again.

Can you let go of your planning and expectations?

Can you feel and see and live in the dark where just a few have found the blinding light of true love?